Hadrian's Wall Personal Tours

Hadrian’s Wall was a defensive fortification in Roman Britain, begun in AD 122 during the rule of Emperor Hadrian. We provide guided tours of the Wall during the main tourist season (April to September inclusive). Our personal guided tour includes visits to the Roman Army Museum, Cawfields Roman Wall and Vindolanda Museum and Fort, accompanied by Quintus in full kit. The tour leaves from and returns to Edinburgh, although other pickup/dropoff arrangements can be discussed. For a personal tour we can take from one to six people in a private group. Read More.

Antonine Wall Tours

The Antonine Wall was constructed in Scotland from the AD 140s on the orders of the Emperor Antoninus Pius and extended from the River Clyde to the Firth of Forth. The site of Roughcastle has the best earthwork remains of any fort along the Antonine Wall. Quintus leads tours of the Roughcastle fort site during the main tourist season (April to September inclusive). The tour will begin at the Wheel with a quick briefing and then proceed to the Roughcastle fort site. The tour will last approximately 2 hours which includes the march up and down to the fort area, and a 1 hour lively interpretation of the site by Quintus in full military kit. Read More.

Your Tour Guide

Quintus Valerius Maximus, also known as Douglas Eckhart, has a keen interest in Roman history. He holds an MA in Ancient History from The University of Edinburgh. Douglas is also an active member of the living history group The Antonine Guard where he performs the role of both a Legionary in the Roman Army and a Priest of Jupiter (IOM).

Why the name ‘Real Roman’ Tours?

One of the common questions that Quintus gets asked by children during school visits, tours and other events is whether his sword is ‘real’, whether his dagger is ‘real’, whether his spear is ‘real’, and indeed whether he himself is a ‘real’ Roman! In the context of living history, where we aim to breathe life into the past, to make it live again for those in the present, then yes, Quintus is ‘real’. His weapons, armour, equipment, clothing and footwear are all replicas based on archaeological finds and referenced historical sources. His materials are leather, linen and wool, wood and metal. No plastic Romans here!




School Visits

At Real Roman Tours we are very keen to promote Roman history and part of this process is via the education system. Quintus Valerius Maximus can visit your Primary or Secondary school and provide an immersive and entertaining experience of life in the Roman army! Quintus will tailor his talks/demonstrations to the age group to provide the maximum level of engagement and enjoyment for the class. School visits can be arranged for any time of the year. Read More.

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